Motivation & Why you need it.

Motivation, What is motivation?

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way is called motivation. To put it simple, you eat food because you’re hungry. The feeling of hunger is unbearable which is why we eat. Our motivation here is to satisfy hunger.

Usually every living organism does something only due to motivation and human is also one of them.

The enthusiasm with which you work depends on how much desire you have for your motivation. For example let us consider a kid who loves chocolates but is never interested in his home work. Offer him a chocolate in return to completion of homework in time. You will see that they are much more interested in completion of their work. His motivation is the chocolate he is going to get.

Every child has parents to motivate but once we grow up there would be hardly any to do so. Then we should motivate ourselves to do something. Working without motivation is not at all human.

Try to motivate yourself by giving yourself something on getting things done. Use coffee for instance, you love coffee so you’ve said for yourself that you wouldn’t drink coffee unless you complete something. You will definitely do the work if you aren’t cheating in keeping coffee away until you complete the work. Set the reward high enough.

It is hard initially because nobody is guarding you but once you start being strict you’ll enjoy doing things even if you don’t like them. Try it and let me know what your motivations are and if this work. I’m also attaching a voice over via Soundcloud. This is my first attempt in letting people follow content seamlessly.

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