Got a job? Don’t think you’ve settled

Now a days getting a job with a good salary enough to bear a family doesn’t mean settling. Saving yourself some money such that you could sleep happily the night you’ve lost your job without even thinking on how to run your family without salary.

I am not talking about savings here but I wish to let you know that your earnings are dependent on a company’s decision to keep you and pay you.

Working for an MNC now a days is similar to Slacklining. Your safety is dependent on a number of controllable and uncontrollable factors. No matter how intelligent you are and how much you’ve done to your company. One day or the other you’re going to be terminated from the company. Let’s wish it’s not tomorrow but you’ll definitely be out one day. Companies hire or fire employees depending on analysis of how cost effective you are. And taking current trends of technology,  any graduate can code and cost less than an experienced programmer.

I’m currently not that experienced enough to talk about life or savings but I wish to let you know that you’re going to be fired one day so always be ready to face it and don’t just sleep satisfied because you earn a 6 digit monthly pay.

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