Future of Authentication – Part 1

I have heard about the recent case where FBI wanted Apple to unlock an iPhone of a criminal. I felt happy because at least some manufacturers still master security. But is that the last time FBI and for that matter any agency trying hard to break into something? With the advancements in technology we might feel that we are going to see some secure authentication systems.

That might not be the case because we are slowly moving towards bio-metric authentication systems which seem secure from the outside but they are easier to crack than a password. Yes! A password is more secure than a finger print. Your finger print is recorded everywhere and these agencies can reach any such global store and get your finger prints. After that they use 3D printing to generate a finger which will be used to unlock your phone or any device locked with your finger print.

Thinking of iris or some Sci-Fi retinal scan? Recently there is this case when a guy generated a finger print model from a high resolution photograph of a person. If that is possible in 2016 then can’t someone generate a retinal print in 2026 from a photograph?

May be by 2036 or 2050 we might develop mind reading systems that could even read passwords. So how are we gonna stay private and what might be an acceptable future technique of Authentication?

We know life finds a way and similarly humans will find a way in that pressure but why not guess some alternatives today?

I just started thinking so no ideas yet, Help me with your comments.

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