Hackers are now sharing data of hacked email and passwords in the name of Collections

We have all been reading that due to some x breach y million users data is breached and due to a breach c million users data has been breached but ever wondered where the data went?

Well it usually flows around the dark web and most of the information is already available so nobody really bothers. But one guy or a group have spent some time and gathered all the emails and passwords from various breaches that include the recent attacks on Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Dropbox and then made it into collections.

Collection #1 to 5 as it is being called has around 2.2 Billion emails and password pairs floating around the internet. It is being shared among the fellow hackers. The theory is that initially it was meant for sale but then it was either bought or stolen and is made available publicly in the torrent world to make the product worthless.

Does it impact you?

Security researchers from Germany has put up a tool for searching if your data has already been breached and if yes, what data has been breached will be notified to you.

Link: https://sec.hpi.de/ilc/search

What if your data is breached?

If the data breached is just a password. Do not use that password elsewhere and change it immediately. If other information like name, date of birth or address is leaked.

Try to wrap your head around the fact that “Privacy is an Illusion” and your data doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

Sources: Wired, BGR

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