The future of portable computing. Ft. Samsung Dex, Project Linda.

An average consumer uses the same desktop/laptop for at least 5 years and spend an average of $1000 for upgrades. We are considering gaming/productivity without any compromises. But we change smartphones every year or every other year. If you’re picking a flagship then it has a processor similar to an i5(A11 Bionic) or at least an i3(Third world). 

ARM has relatively small instruction set than x86_64 but it can get the job done. Just buy a portable monitor and pair it with good wireless headphones and you’re a moving workstation. Every time you upgrade your mobile you gift yourself a new PC. The words “faster phone than ever before” will start to excite more people. Our current problem is lack of application support. If we can get a desktop tier OS provider to support these platforms then the stage is all set to revolutionize mobile computing. With the help of thunderbolt, gaming with external graphic card has become a thing. If you really need some resource intensive stuff sure get a desktop but all we do on a PC is light work like photoshop, office, SSHing to servers, programming  and gaming.

Everything is a check except the operating systems. I hope the people at iPhone and Samsung figure a way to embed the desktop level OS into the smart phones. I’m sick of buying multiple brains. I’ll have one central brain the mobile phone and carry portable peripherals for mobile computing and when at home add the external graphic card, hook up the gaming monitor and start having fun. 

We upgrade phones every year. We are just asking for an eco system that is dependant on our obsession to buying updated gadget. Staying up to date in PC, Mobile and Laptop is costing a lot. Figure out something soon big guys.

I hope I expressed my view clearly. If not, feel free to discuss in the comments.

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