Time to upgrade to Windows 10?

There are many like me who didn’t like Windows 10 because of getting used to Windows 8/8.1 metro menu and full screen apps. But, Is it the right time to upgrade to Windows 10? Even if one doesn’t like it?

Well, one should upgrade if he/she wants to catch up with current trends in technology and Windows 10 is also reaching its maturity as it is almost a year old so no instability issues on latest devices. Above all the free upgrade will not be available after July 29th, 2016. So if you’re interested in grabbing the free upgrade act now.

I’m currently in upgrading process and have already upgraded my laptop. After a few days I’ll eventually upgrade my PC. They have made some changes for people like me. We can set the Start Menu to full screen by default instead of using Tablet mode. We can search instantly after going to start menu similar to Windows 8/8.1

Windows 10 used to feel uncontrollable regarding updates but found a trick to stop it from downloading updates automatically.

One more feature I found to be useful is the P2P mode of update delivery. Once updates are downloaded to one PC in home all others can get updates from that PC instead of internet saving tons of bandwidth. This feature might also eat bandwidth if unchecked. This post from PC World will explain it all.

I’m still finding a lot of features. Will be updating in a timely manner.

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