Project Fi. Now you don’t necessarily need a mobile to call or text.

One problem experienced by students of many educational institutions in India is mobile phones are prohibited. This is actually meant to prevent students from distractions but at times there might be a need to call or text someone and you don’t have a mobile. You might have connectivity to internet through WiFi but if the other person is someone like your mother or father who rarely comes online to check for messages then you are definitely mad about your institution for such regulations.

We might use Skype or other VOIP solutions out there but the problem is we have to maintain different accounts besides the network operator of mobile who is the primary person responsible for communication. When I first heard about Apple Continuity I thought the problem was solved but it was limited to devices connected to the same access point which can never be possible considering the current problem.

It’s time for Project Fi. It is currently unavailable in India but it will be coming out soon as they have already mentioned prices for Indian Users.

What is Project Fi?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet. Project Fi is a project of Google which is meant to keep the highest signal level by internally moving through different network operators and also WiFi if an open WiFi network is available. It has that sort of pricing plan that allows us to get repaid if we didn’t use up all the bandwidth requested. More about Project Fi here.

One feature that attracted me is that it’s integrated into Google Hangouts. Which implies we don’t necessarily need a mobile phone to call a person. Pay at once for all the telecommunication needs. This feature is what I think is a potential solution for all those people who don’t have a mobile but want to place a call.

Project Fi is currently giving out free invites. So sign up asap.

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