Ultimate Backup tool that uses Paper to save data.

There are many ways to backup data and the mediums available to save data are innumerable. But all those are electronic gadgets. An enthusiast developed an open source software to make paper as a medium to backup data. All you need to do is select the file to backup and the software takes you to the print screen to print the bitmap. Once you scan it using the same software the data comes back up


As you might have guessed the problem is how much data can be fit on one paper. At highest possible compression its 500KB/side which implies 1 paper could save 1MB of data. I’ve tried an image of 1.5MB which printed 10pages of data with all settings as default.

This is how it looked when the print out is saved and zoomed to 500%.

Data on Paper

Obviously it isn’t the most economical way to backup files but it helps when storing passwords or relatively small but really important data. The developer also added in error correction techniques so even if a paper is 20% damaged the data could be extracted from it.

A backup method worth knowing. Here is the link to PaperBack

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