India is feeling proud. I’m feeling sad for the fate of India.

Well recently I’ve been seeing my country men feeling proud as we have top MNC’s CEO’s belonging to India. Well, that’s great. But I have an opinion towards this.

Definitely our people have the potential to drive million dollar companies that keep the world moving. But I don’t get a point. When they could do it there. Why not here? Is it money that’s playing it’s part or is it something related to public administration system?

Our leaders are spending days in foreign countries trying to bring MNC’s to establish their plants or branches in India. Why don’t they spend time encouraging youth towards providing employment?

We have the best of our country in IIT and most of them never work in the country. Our Indian parenting guide says. If our neighbour earns 1,00,000/month then our son should earn 1,00,001. Wooh my son is earning a rupee more than your kid.

Most of the parents never care about where they work and why they work. All that is needed will be a false status where your off spring is earning better than the others.

Education system has gone worse. Universities stopped talking about education but it’s all about a job and the package.

Every other country in the world is moving forward. Even we are but the rate at which we are going is too low.

Theoretically we have an average Indian age of 27 but How many 27’s are in the country and working for the country?

Parenting should change. It’s those parents who are inculcating dreams about other countries. Luxuries they might get there. Yes parents want us to be happy but not at the cost of country’s development.

Yes, India might not pay you more now but stay with us and develop the economy. One day your salaries would be far more than any other individual in the world.

If Indian youth don’t change regarding foreign work. All that India will be left with are parents and a few companies who will be trying to sell tablets & providing medical facilities to them.

We are in a secular country and you could move to any part of the world to work but remember one thing.

Home should always be given the first priority.

A bitter fact is considering my family as an example, Majority of the youth are in different parts of the world and only 3-4 are in India and they are here just because they didn’t get an opportunity yet. But if they get it they will be flying too.

Every Indian family is almost the same.

I didn’t mean to say that, don’t let your passion drive you but remember, Our home needs you. So prioritize.


Image: First Indian Postal Stamp.
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