Why I love EagleGet

It’s my first time praising a software and yes I am in love with EagleGet. I am no fan of download managers because I believe in the fact that nothing can magically bypass speed restrictions set by an ISP. But I’ve this software with one of my friends and just wanted to give it a try.

EagleGet Download Manager.

Firstly I was annoyed by it as it grabs even some HTML pages as downloads. I’ve disabled all it’s plugins from browsers and was a bit peaceful and I donno why but I haven’t uninstalled it. Today I was trying to download a video stream from a page through Download Flash and Video plugin of firefox. It was able to grab the video for download but the problem was firefox, which couldn’t download the file at my bandwidth limits and sadly not even any near to it. The speeds were around 50KBps.

So copied the link and gave it to EagleGet as a try, and this is what I got.

Eagle Get Taskman
My Bandwidth limits reached to fullest.

I’ve been given a speed of around 200KBps in EagleGet, which shocked me a bit because it was practically impossible and so opened the task manager to see what’s happening and yes that was true. My bandwidth is fully utilized for the first time and that was a constant speed. I was on a 1.5Mbps plan and to cope up with any speed losses I will be served 1.6Mbps by my ISP.

EagleGet some how managed to get the fullest from my connection and the technology mentioned in its home page is

EagleGet uses advanced multi-threaded technology to accelerate downloads by splitting files into several parts and then transferring them simultaneously, thus increase download speed by up to 6 times!

May be that’s the secret. If you are in need of something that should utilize your bandwidth fullest


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