A better internet is coming

Backended with Quantum Physics. Yes, a better internet is coming. We all know that the most insecure place in the world is internet and even though after the continuous evolution here there is still this problem of data theft while in transmission. The data theft is mostly due to unwanted [Read more...]

Portable externally powered USB hub with power bank or other high powered USB hosts for working with self powered external hard disks and other power hungry devices OTG

Update: Sorry, Images were lost during a recent update. Will be fixed soon. With the advancements in technology we are now capable of working everywhere with the help of smart phones and tablets. One technology that's powering productivity is the On The Go (OTG). One can connect any USB [Read more...]

Tips to keep website unhackable

A website is said customized to every user, when it accepts data from users and saves them so that the user is given a customized way of UI when he/she revisits the site again. The data majorly accepted from users is through web forms. Once a user submits the form the data is then used by scripting [Read more...]

Inside iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

People at ifixit have successfully teared up iPhone 6 Here is a summary of how it went Removing battery was not that easy. It took a little heat to force that out. The camera of iPhone 6   Read it full here