Laravel 5.5 ACL issue and quick fix

While working with laravel 5.5 encountered a strange issue. The authorization policy was never triggered and it always says unauthorized. I've gone through every recommendation but couldn't find a fix. Finally after some trail and error tricks found the issue. In the policies array of [Read more...]

A better internet is coming

Backended with Quantum Physics. Yes, a better internet is coming. We all know that the most insecure place in the world is internet and even though after the continuous evolution here there is still this problem of data theft while in transmission. The data theft is mostly due to unwanted [Read more...]

Tips to keep website unhackable

A website is said customized to every user, when it accepts data from users and saves them so that the user is given a customized way of UI when he/she revisits the site again. The data majorly accepted from users is through web forms. Once a user submits the form the data is then used by scripting [Read more...]