Laravel 5.5 ACL issue and quick fix

While working with laravel 5.5 encountered a strange issue. The authorization policy was never triggered and it always says unauthorized. I’ve gone through every recommendation but couldn’t find a fix. Finally after some trail and error tricks found the issue.

In the policies array of AuthServiceProvider, use only short notation of class like below.

 protected $policies = [
		Organization::class => OrganizationPolicy::class

Instead of writing the full class names here, import them like

use App\CRUDModels\Organization;
use App\Policies\OrganizationPolicy;

I faced the issue when the code was like this

 protected $policies = [
		App\CRUDModels\Organization::class => App\Policies\OrganizationPolicy::class

I am currently not sure why it worked but it certainly works.

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