AMR Personal Cloud

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Click on the icon to download the desktop client.

¬†Ever wanted to have a simple personal cloud in your PC to sync all your photos and video wirelessly? Then you are at the right place. We developed an app to do just that. Download the desktop app and install it. Download the android app from play store and use it as the client from android to sync files with your PC. It’s simple and can be done with a click of two buttons.

Just make sure both the PC and mobile are on the same network and the apps will handle the rest. No need to connect your phone to PC via USB anymore. Just come home and click sync.

This app is basically functional and a lot of updates are scheduled.

Note: We are still in alpha stage. So do not keep the server on all the time. Turn it on only when you want to sync files.

Known Issues:
1. IO Exception might occur in some cases.
Fix: Stop Server in PC and wait for the app to show Broken Pipe. Then start server and click sync.

Please send all your suggestions and bug reports to [email protected]